The Importance of a Good LinkedIn Headshot

You cannot stress the importance of creating a professional and attractive looking LinkedIn profile enough. If you indeed created a profile that catches the eyes, you are probably making meaningful connections every single day. However, there is one thing that people often tend to overlook no matter how great their resume is – and that is using a good LinkedIn photo for their headshot in NYC.

It is highly likely that your current LinkedIn profile photo is just a selfie that you took on your phone. It could even be a casual group photo hat you took during your vacations. Neither of these look professionals and you should remove them immediately.

Many of the time people just utilize whatever pictures they have stored in their phone in order to avoid getting a professionally taken photo for their profile. This should not be the case however, as it never leaves a good impression on hiring managers and employers who are looking for a suitable candidate.

What you should do is – take a look at all the best LinkedIn photos on the platform and notice what all of them have in common. They all look professional and match the platform’s overall professional vibe. These photos make a lasting impression on the employer and increases your chances of getting a call up for an interview.

Follow these tips to make a lasting impression with your LinkedIn profile photo

Dress Like You Belong


The attire that you wear for your headshot can make or break the impression you are trying to give. In no way does this mean that you have to wear completely formal attire for your picture. The wiser thing to do would be to research LinkedIn and take close look at all the successful and best LinkedIn photos. See what the people are wearing and try to emulate their formula. People in the creative fields often dress casually, whereas corporate employees and employers dress formally.

Avoid Group Photos

Linkedin Headshots
The Best LinkedIn Headshot and How to Create Yours.Guidelines.

A good LinkedIn photo should be able to represent you as a professional in your field, nothing more and nothing less. Prevent using a group photo or a cropped-out group photo. Use one in which you are alone.

Proper Lighting and Background

Headshots NYC

Do not click your LinkedIn headshot in a dark alley or inside a club. It gives off a negative implication, which obviously employers will not appreciate. A good LinkedIn photo should always have a professional connotation. Using a professional or neutral backdrop would be the best way to go. You should also remember the importance of good lighting to ensure that your whole face is visible.

Bottom Line

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind whenever you are getting a headshot for your LinkedIn profile photo. Hiring a professional headshot photographer can come in handy in these situations, as they make sure that you have a good LinkedIn photo in your hands.

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