Helping professionals get noticed through short fun photo sessions for better career opportunities.

Our Studio is located at 481 8th avenue #1142, New York, NY, 10001 (inside the New Yorker)

Linkedin Headshots NYC Studio and it’s photographers, have been working with clients to achieve the perfect headshot for the last 5 years. They are top professionals for corporate and executive photography and enthusiastically working with people of all backgrounds. Our studio in midtown Manhattan serves as the perfect backdrop for high-quality and dynamic photos. We love working with new clients and our diverse and artistic backgrounds help get that compelling shot that makes you noticed

We will make sure the process is not only quick, but enjoyable as well. For pricing go to our website rates page — for further information or to book a session, please contact us.

Meet your Photographer: Agata

Meet Agata, our dynamic team member hailing from Kazakhstan, adding a touch of global flair to our eclectic mix. With a vibrant and positive energy, she brings a unique zest to our group. Agata has been honing her skills as a professional photographer for the past 5 years, capturing the heartbeat of iconic New York City life and culture through her lens.
Currently residing in Queens, Agata is a devoted mother to two young boys, aged 9 and 16, who undoubtedly keep her on her toes. Her love for people of diverse backgrounds is reflected in her passion for capturing the essence of different cultures against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps. A connoisseur of ethnic foods and cuisines, she enjoys exploring the rich tapestry of global flavors that New York City offers.
Beyond her photographic expertise, Agata is a fashion guru, always staying attuned to the latest trends that grace the streets of Manhattan. She's not just confined to her studio; Agata loves roaming the town, absorbing inspiration from the dynamic world around her, whether it's the bustling streets of Times Square or the serene beauty of Central Park. Her keen eye for detail in photography is complemented by her exceptional listening skills, making her a valuable team member who not only captures moments but truly understands the nuances of the iconic New York City life and culture.
Meet your Photographer: RP

Meet your Photographer: C (Coming Soon)

On Location "Behind the scenes"

On Location "Behind the scenes"
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