Personal Branding Starts with a Good Image

Almost everybody in this life wants respect and appreciation on a professional level, and a need for love on a personal one. Whenever some feels inadequate, their self-esteem takes a huge hit. Looking to improve your sense of worth seems like a natural solution. That said, there is more to it – something that people barely discuss, and that is the personal branding aspect.

Branding yourself can do wonders for your self-esteem, personally as well as professionally. By intentionally manufacturing your personal image, you can become in charge of how people perceive you. It will increase your self-worth and improve your confidence. Since personal branding in the professional world in particular, starts with a good image (literally) make sure to get a professional photographer to take great LinkedIn headshots in NYC for your LinkedIn profile.

Starting With a Good Image in the Professional World
Just as we were discussing earlier, a good image is a vital part of your brand. Believe it or not, we live in a superficial world and looks matter more than you probably think. People make subconscious decisions and judgments on people based on their appearance. Having this information in mind, it would not be a stretch to imagine that people get hired based on their appearance as well. The better you look the better the chance for you to get hired. This is not to say that hiring managers simply ignore the level of skill that a candidate has to offer, but, their decisions are often based on how their looks and personality most of the time.

First Impressions Take You a Long Way
Making an excellent first impression is vital. Unconsciously, people always tend to remember others by their first impression. The same goes for hiring managers, with so much noise around them – their mind and eyes perceive good-looking people to be good candidates for the job. Does that always work out? No, but it will take you a long way.

Strong Body Language Is a Key Indicator of Reliability
Small tweaks and changes to your appearance can make a world of difference. One of those changes is strong body language. You would want to avoid slouching your shoulders, head, and neck if you want to make a good impression on someone. Having a weak posture will make people assume that you are not strong (physically or mentally) even if you are.

Make sure that you stand with your head held high and shoulders back to maintain good posture – it conveys strong body language and will make you appear like someone a person can rely on. Suffice to say, the more assertive your body language, the more confident and reliable you will look.

Catch the Eye with Colors
People have a habit of associating things with color. Since you are creating your personal brand, it would be wise to choose a color that reflects your personality while keeping things casual or professional, depending on who you are branding yourself to. There is a lot of meaning behind every color and choosing a color for your personal brand can help you make a bold statement.
That said, before you opt for a certain color, you should also consider the color that the audience you are branding for prefers. If you are trying to catch the attention of a hiring manager from the job you really want, incorporate the color that they would prefer rather than your preference.

Making it Count When It Matters
Personal branding does not mean you have to clean up and wear fancy suits wherever you go; it is much vaster than that. You have to present yourself like a million bucks even if you are not in front of someone. We are living in a time where online presence matters a lot, especially in the professional world. Hiring managers go through hundreds or even thousands of LinkedIn profiles every day to find the perfect candidate. You could be one of those candidates too.

Make sure that your profile picture tells your whole story and shines a bright light on your character. Accomplishing this is very easy as all you need to do is enlist the services of an experienced photographer to take great LinkedIn headshots that will allow you to brand yourself NYC in the online world.

The Power of Visuals – Cutting Through Noise/Distractions
The fast moving professional world often leaves people confused and distracted. They do not get sufficient time to think things through, which is why most of the time they have to make their decisions based on instinct. When things come to instincts, you usually make decisions by judging someone or something visually.

If something or someone looks pleasant, the decision usually goes in its or their favor. Everything other than that does not matter to most people, as they do not have time to see what they do not want to. It is like noise to them. You should consider improving your personal brand if you do not want to be part of that noise.

Bottom Line – Have Great LinkedIn Headshots on the Ready
Brand yourself NYC and you will see things flourish rapidly. Get someone to take great LinkedIn headshots and your visibility in the professional world will improve by tenfold.

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