The Best LinkedIn Headshots and How to Create Yours

There are tons and tons of LinkedIn profiles out there. If you have ever used the platform, you will be aware of that too. There is no better tool than LinkedIn to allow users the liberty of taking to different people in and outside their industries. You can connect with anyone you want to connect with and if you put some thought while creating your profile, you can get recognized by high profile employers. A lot of hiring managers and employers utilize LinkedIn to scout their current and potential employees.

The platform provides all the relevant data regarding them, which makes the selection process fairly simple. However, one of the best things about LinkedIn is that it gives you complete liberty to make alterations and adjustments to your profile. This gives users enough room to create their profile in a way that impresses potential hirers. Once you get eyes on your profile for the right reasons of course, the chances of you getting a call up increase by tenfold.

The Importance of a Good LinkedIn Headshot
So, you may be wondering what the secret formula is to get noticed on LinkedIn. Of course, your resume should be strong but your LinkedIn headshot should be equally good too. Why? It makes an excellent first impression. The first thing that anybody sees when they come across your profile is your headshot. If it looks appealing, chances are that your profile could get ignored with a sea of other ignored profiles.

Things to Consider for Your LinkedIn Headshot
The importance of a good headshot cannot be stressed enough. It is among the 4 most important elements that make a good LinkedIn profile. If you take a close look at all of the best LinkedIn headshots out there, you will notice one thing in common and that is – they engage you by telling a story. Now you may be wondering how you could possibly tell a story with a single picture. Well, here’s how:

Be Mindful of These Things
Since LinkedIn is for professionals, your headshot should show professionalism as well. Avoid uploading group selfies or selfies altogether. Instead hire a pro to take a well thought out headshot just for your profile. Even if you plan to take the picture by yourself, make sure that the background isn’t too flashy. Instead, it would be wiser to stand in front of a properly painted wall where all the focus is on you. Standing in front of too many objects can be quite distracting and take attention away from you and fails to tell a story.

Also, make sure that there is adequate lighting wherever you plan to get your headshot taken. It will make you look like a million bucks and make your headshot stand out in the virtual world. You also need to be mindful of what you wear. You can experiment with different clothes and see what would look most suitable for your industry. Take pictures in different dresses and you decide later on what would fit your profile.

Finally, remember to exude confidence through your expressions. It is perhaps the most effective way to tell a story through your headshot. If you find any difficulty taking pictures by yourself, you can always enlist our photographer to take professional headshots for your LinkedIn profile.

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