Model Headshots – Everything That You Need to Know

One of the most common misconceptions regarding headshots is that a simple headshot is serviceable for all types of purposes, be it for your social media account, modeling portfolio, or any other thing for that matter. In fact, if you take a close look, there is a vast difference between professional LinkedIn headshots and model headshots. Using them interchangeably would not be a wise choice. You may be wondering what purpose a model headshot serves and what makes it unique in comparison to other types of headshots. Well, let us delve in to it.

Model Headshots
Model headshots often feature people who are in the performance industry or wish to become part of it. Mostly, model headshots in NYC are mainly for casting calls in beauty advertising and fashion. A model must be able to communicate through his or her eyes. They should also be aware of light shapes and movement in relation to their face. Fashion and editorial modeling is all about conveying a certain lifestyle. The main purpose of a beauty or fashion ad is to create a certain fantasy regarding a product to get a reaction out of the audience that views it. It should be enticing and relatable.

One noticeable thing about model headshots is that they cater towards flattering the subject. They are more artistic than other headshot types. In essence, they do not convey much about the person’s personality, and instead they show what they are capable in regards to their appearance. Most of the emphasis in these headshots involves the photograph’s artistic merit, lighting, and mood.

Expert model headshot photographers also use composition, lighting, retouching, and makeup in a creative manner to remove the subject’s flaws and make them appear as flattering as possible. Some model headshots pay emphasis on eye contact while others do not.

What to Do To Get Great Model Headshots
Although there are tons of considerations to keep in mind when taking model headshots, being mindful of the following can help you greatly:

Don’t Go Overboard With Makeup
Going overboard with makeup is a common mistake that quite a lot of novices make. They believe that it will make them look attractive, when in reality, sometimes it does the opposite. Be modest with your makeup and embrace your natural look.

Be Mindful of Your Eyes
Model hiring agents pay a lot of attention to a candidate’s eyes. They will immediately reject your model headshot if your eyes appear to be dull or dead. Make sure that they are perfectly energized, focused, and alive. You can achieve this by thinking positive thoughts and stories that make your eyes emote the way you want them to.

Choose a Professional
You can always go for a professional who is familiar with taking model headshots. Looking at their portfolio will give you a clear idea of whether they are worth hiring or not. Professional model headshot photographers will provide you all the right instructions to ensure that you look great in your model headshot.

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