The Best LinkedIn Headshot Tips

Linkedin Headshots
The Best LinkedIn Headshot Tips and How to Create Yours.Guidelines.


You’ve probably read articles about how to become a LinkedIn expert and followed all the steps you could find.Your LinkedIn profile is looking organized and professional which allows you to make new valuable connections everyday. But something that is overlooked often, even if your profile is great, is your headshot.

Your current headshot might be a selfie taken on your phone, or maybe just a casual picture a friend took of you which you liked and cropped to be focused on your face. Often, people just use any decent picture they have of themselves just to avoid the effort or expense of getting a professional photo taken. But did you know that your LinkedIn headshot is one of the keys to making a good impression on employers? That is because it is one of the first thing anyone will notice on your profile, and they will build up their impressions based on it.

What are the best Linkedin headshot tips to make the best impression possible?

Dress accordingly for the job you are willing to land.

What you wear is an extremely important asset to having the perfect and most professional photo. Although, that doesn’t mean you should wear a formal suit and tie even though that is the most commonly seen  on LinkedIn. You should do some research about what other people your domain wear and dress accordingly. More casual jobs tend to have more casual outfits, while lawyers, for example, will always be seen in a suit.

Never use a group picture.

Your are the main element to your LinkedIn photo. It’s all about you, and presenting yourself professionally. Don’t use a group photo, even if you crop everyone out.

Proper background and lighting.

No employer would like seeing a photo of you taken at the club, a dark alley, or anything that could lead to emulate a negative connotation in a professional context. Always be sure that you have a neutral background, or use a professional backdrop. Regarding the lighting, it’s best that your whole face is clearly shown.

Hire a professional.

Probably not very surprising but, getting the best out of a headshot is by hiring a professional to do it! This is the option that will assure the highest quality in your headshot, in all aspects green apple cleaning md. Lighting, and everything will be managed by the photographer and just like you, his interest is to make your photo the best it can be. Not only that, but most of them also help you on your posture and facial expression, to make sure it correct for the picture!

That being said, here are some guidelines for taking a good Company or Linkedin  Headshot. Selfie or not.

Elements of a Good Headshot:
– Good lighting, Neutral background
– Looking at the camera
– Professional clothing

Elements of a Bad Headshot:
– Poor lighting and wrong setting of background
–  unengaged look
– casual cozy outfit
– a picture of a great moment but dark  bad quality  picture overall

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