NYC professional photographer


You are on the right page ! Yes, a NYC professional photographer offering secrets under the table to you a prospective client.
Yes, you can take great shots on your phone! That Iphone, or Galaxy phone can do wonders if you’re using it right!

Reason for sharing my experience and secrets? Several.
First, I don’t always spend money like everyone else. I tend to be frugal and  always see if there’s another solution out there before making my expense.
Second, If you could afford a photographer you probably would , so this might be your one available solution!
Third,  they say  the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. Sharing  makes you feel good. Just try it once in a while 😉


Ok, on we go!


1.Make sure your phone camera lens is clear.
A million times we see smudgy photos! Just give that IPhone a quick stroke and you’re off to the next point!


2. Use the light coming from a window
The Shaded side of the street is also your friend! In many cases being in the shade just inches away from the sun, gives the greatest glow and quality of light! try not to have any strong light behind you!
You should position yourself in such a way that your face is the strongest lit in the photo, find out here.

3. Use a slightly high angle!
Get rid of the double chin, and bring a bit more light to your Eyes


4. Dress to reflect a professional!
Even if it is a selfie, being dressed as you would go to an interview, will put you in the right mental mode. Sometimes I have to work from home. I dress up just as I would when I go to work. It sets my brain in the right direction. Actions, your character, and the confidence will come with a small gesture like this. Visit . Besides you also prove yourself that you respect what you do.  Does feeling good makes you smile, or smiling makes you feel good?Something like the chicken or the egg thing. Anything you can do to help


5. Smile!
Bring the good energy in your smile. Smile with your eyes, bring warmth, confidence and kindness with you.Be approachable


These are  the most important considerations, there’s a few more, that we will probably cover with the next articles(such as using HDR, post editing, psychology of colors,right apps to use,..)

Wish you good luck!

send me an email if you need more help, of have a question!



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