5 Reasons you need a New Optimized LinkedIn Profile.

As it has been often mentioned, being above the noise is what we all strive for, specially in today’s competing job market. I advise all my friends and clients that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, YOU SELL YOURSELF. Everyone you are in contact with, unconsciously or not,  you either want something from them or they want something from you. The best deal is where there’s a symbiotic relationship, “I rely on you and you rely on me” type of deal that you see in a marriage, in  strong business partnerships, and everywhere else,especially in nature.
There’s lots to talk about ,but for the sake of simplicity, if you’re out there looking for  better opportunities, then, our guest Linkedin Expert Iyana Smith is giving you some tips on how to strengthen your profile as seen below:


Branding, approaching recruiters, networking insight and more tips .. read more below:

5 Reasons you need a New Optimized LinkedIn Profile by Iyana Smith


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