How to Take a Headshot

You are probably looking to take a good headshot for your profile on LinkedIn or for any other purpose. Chances are that you have done your fair share of stalking to see which headshot pictures look good and which do not. Quite a lot of people tend to spend quite frugally, which means that hiring a professional to take a headshot is out of the question. That being said, they still want the best possible headshot to stand out to whoever sees or receives the picture. The only solution for this predicament is to learn how to take a headshot.

If you have taken the time to analyze thousands of photos on various online platforms, especially LinkedIn, you will notice that a fair amount of people have taken their headshots by themselves. You may be wondering how that is possible. Well, you just have to be aware of some common traps and follow some simple tips to take a good headshot for yourself or for someone else.

Handling Your Phone or Camera
If you are taking your headshot for the first time ever, make sure that you hold your phone still. You can even use both hands if your hands are not as steady as you would like them to be. Ideally, tuck your elbows in to the sides for better support. Remember to breathe normally and take your time to press click. Also, it would be best to steer clear from digital zoom as it would significantly deteriorate your headshot’s quality.

Angles Matter
The angles you choose for your headshot can make your break its quality. Leave some space around your shoulders and your head. You can always crop the image later on if need be. Since you are taking a headshot, you do not need to include your legs and lower torso.

Don’t Fall Into the Selfie Trap
There is no shortage of selfies online. If you are taking a headshot for yourself, it is important to make sure that it does not look like a selfie. People will hold it against you, especially if the headshot is for a platform like LinkedIn. Here are a couple of giveaways that you must avoid at all costs:

– Twisted shoulder and extended arm evident in the photo
– If someone’s face looks distorted in a picture, it is likely because it is a selfie

Luckily, there are affordable tripods for cameras as well as mobile phones available these days. You can use a timer to take your headshots after getting the background and other small details right.

Dressing and Body Language
Be mindful of what you wear for your headshot. Dress professionally if you are taking a LinkedIn headshot, and keep it slightly casual if you are taking it for your acting portfolio or other casual purpose. Also, keep your body language in check. Think confident thoughts and make your eyes look engaging. Steer clear from looking stiff by breathing and relaxing your body prior to clicking your phone or camera’s button.

These were some basic tips to teach you how to take a headshot. Remember them whenever you take your photo and you will see a noticeable improvement after a few tries.


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