Headshots and Body Language

You will be surprised to learn about the massive difference strong first impressions can make. People commonly use small pieces of visual and other information that they subconsciously gather about someone and form an opinion about them. It does not seem like a wise thing to base judgments on but sadly, that is how most people operate. This is particularly true in the professional world. Most people are so busy these days that they have to make quick internal decisions when choosing someone a job. So, if you are someone who is applying for a job – whether it is through a face to face interview or an online platform – make sure that your body language exudes confidence. It can make or break how the hiring manager thinks of you.

Why Do We Make Snap Decisions?
There are plenty of factors that can be taken into consideration when discussing why people make snap decisions. However, there is one that makes most sense. The visual cues that we get drive us to take these decisions. We take these decisions because more often than not, or brain does not want to waste its computational power and energy. Most of us are so consumed with our lives that getting to know someone deeply seems like a chore – hence, the snap decisions.

Body Language – A Deal Maker or Breaker
As we discussed earlier, body language plays a great part in influencing someone’s opinion of you. Be it your personal life or your professional, the more dominant and confident your body language is the higher the chances of you being selected for the job. This was in fact proved in a study where Lobsters were injected with serotonin. Upon injecting the mood regulating chemical, the posture of the lobsters improved and increased their chances of getting a mate in comparison to those who did not have a strong posture.

How to Portray a Confident Self Image in Your Headshot with Body Language?

A Good headshot can tell a lot about you. You must use the headshot as an opportunity to tell a story about yourself without actually saying anything. It is one of the most effective ways to get recognition and improve your chances of getting hired.

You will be surprised to see how thinking positively and confidently about yourself improves your body language. Another thing that can make you look friendly and personable is smiling with your eyes. People can easily tell whether a smile is genuine or not by taking a quick peek at your eye. In most cases, squinted eyes are a good indicator of finding out whether a smile or laughter is genuine or not. Once you are genuine with your presence, you will exude confidence – which will become evident in your headshot as well.

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