Headshot Picture: A Guide to Take Your Own Professional Headshot

Think of your headshot picture as your personal brand’s logo. There is a reason why the cost of logos can be so high. It makes all the difference in the world. That being said, not all of us have the resources to enlist the services of a seasoned professional to take our headshots. This is why relying on yourself can sometimes prove to be a handy alternative. Mentioned below are some effective tips to help you take your own professional headshot, whether it is for LinkedIn or any other platform.

Things to Remember for a Good Headshot
– The headshot should be able to convey your demeanor and personality
– You should easily be able to readjust it in different sizes
– The headshot should make you look even better than you actually do
– It should make you stand out from millions of other headshots on the internet
– The headshot should be easily usable everywhere – just like a brand’s logo

Keep the above mentioned rules in mind and you will be well underway to get a headshot that will turn heads. A single photo provides countless opportunities to make a good impact on your personal brand. LinkedIn users in particular benefit from perfectly taken headshots. It increases their chances of getting call ups from the companies they want to work with.

Things to Avoid When Taking Headshots
If we are being honest, a large number of headshots floating around on the internet are far from flattering. It does not have anything to do with the person’s attractive; however, it does have to do a lot with the photo quality. You could be the most attractive person out there but look utterly terrible in your headshots and vice versa.

Here are some common issues found in poorly taken headshots:

– There is too much going on in the background which takes the focus away from the face
– Random shadows on the face, making the picture look unintentionally weird
– Squinted eyes because of too much light
– Poor design composition because of poorly cropped head
– Wardrobe wasn’t well thought out

Taking Your Headshotby Yourself
Since most of you will be using your phones to take the headshot, it is vital to pay some attention to the setup. What this means is – you will need a good background, wear appropriate clothes, and have decent lighting.

Useful Apps for Headshots
– Snapseed
– GorillacamPro

Basic Headshot Equipment
– Although any phone will work, an iPhone 4 or 5 would be perfect
– A holder/tripod for your phone
– Background
– Lighting
– A couple of shirts

Background and lighting aren’t necessary but will add some flamboyance to your headshot in NYC.

– A sunny day is ideal for taking headshots, especially I you do not have proper lighting
– Don’t rush the process and take ample time for shooting. 2 to 3 hours will provide you ample time for different poses, settings, and experiments.

Take your headshots at a place where there is a decent amount of natural light. Also, taking your picture by standing in front of a solid colored wall will do wonders for your headshot picture.

Keep the tips and considerations mentioned above in mind to take a good headshot all by yourself. If you aren’t satisfied, you can always enlist the services of our experienced photographers to take your headshots to make you stand out even more

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