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No matter which field you are in, you need to promote yourself relentlessly. One of the best things to promote yourself online is a headshot. Professional headshots are more than just a simple photograph, they are a powerful asset to ensure that whoever sees them, remembers you. You should do everything in your power to offer a headshot that makes you identifiable – people will remember you that way. This article discusses different headshot examples and why you need them in the professional world.

Business Card Portrait
Every good image tells a story, it reminds people of the qualities of the person present in the picture. Putting your headshot in a business card can prove to be a great move. Most successful professionals have been benefiting from this technique for a long time. Think of insurance agents, real estate agents, and salespersons, people tend to trust them more if they use a decent headshot on their card. You should apply this technique too as it will remarkably increase your business’ perceived value while also increasing professional authority in the customer’s eyes.

Social Media Portrait
There are a plethora of social media platforms these days. They are an excellent way to gain some recognition in a variety of fields. However, in order to do that you must have an excellent headshot. Social media headshots should be neither too casual or too professional. Avoid using bathroom selfies or group photos. Instead, use a decent headshot with a great background that accentuates your features and personality. People view social media accounts that use well-taken pictures rather than the ones that do not.

Advertising Headshot
You may be surprised to find out that the advertising industry took a massive turn a couple of decades ago after learning how the human brain works. Our brains see faces and make impulsive decisions. If a face is attractive and trustworthy, chances are that people will choose them for jobs or rely on their advice. This is precisely why you do not see as many ads with a lot of text anymore. Advertising headshots are quite different to other headshot types and focus on conveying a message through the model’s eyes and his or her expressions.

Resume Headshot
This is perhaps the most common headshot example out there. Getting a professionally taken resume headshot can increase your chances of getting a job ahead of the candidate whose headshot is not that appealing (if both of you have the equal level of skill). A well-taken resume headshot goes to show that you care about the job and you were ready to take the extra step to gain favor of the hiring manager. A professional headshot can make you look trustworthy and intelligent, two qualities that every employer looks for in a candidate.

There are tons of other headshot examples out there but the ones mentioned above are the most common. Consider them before you choose someone to take your professional headshots in NYC.



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