Becoming a LinkedIn Expert

There is no secret behind how quickly technology has been evolving. It has bought about numerous changes that affect our personal and professional lives. The recent technological developments have also had an impact on the way you conduct business. Suffice to say, neither one’s personal and especially professional life is the same compared to what it used to be even a decade ago.

A monumental change that has revolutionized the professional world is the introduction of LinkedIn. It has effectively replaced yellow pages and classified ads by simplifying the process by providing people an online platform to showcase their resume, search for jobs, and network with likeminded professionals. If utilized correctly LinkedIn can be of great help to increase your visibility to the right people. In order to do that effectively however, you have to become a LinkedIn Expert.

Do not let the term overwhelm you, as “LinkedIn Expert” simply mains gaining a decent level of mastery in this online platform. The best part is, creating an attractive LinkedIn profile is not that hard. All you have to do is be mindful of a few things. Let us take a close look at them down below:

Making a Findable and Attractive Profile

The first thing you should do as soon as you sign up with LinkedIn is to make sure that its visual appeal is great. In addition, your potential employers should be able to find it easily as well. The reason why creating a an professional yet attractive profile is so important because employers often do not take too much time in deciding whether they should take a closer look or not. Unconsciously, their initial judgment of your profile depends on your LinkedIn headshot and the headline below it. Getting a professional headshot is important, even if it means that you have to dish out a bit of money for it.

Dressing and Location of Your Profile Photo

Since LinkedIn is a profile for professionals, the dress you wear for your LinkedIn headshot photo should look professional as well. Also, make sure that your background is not too flashy; in fact, keeping it simple would be best, as it will put all the focus on you.

An Eye Catching Headline

Just like with the profile photo, your LinkedIn headline should also be professional. Avoid using swear words, slangs, and emojis. You can list your experience and skills in the headline while adding a slight personal touch to make your headline look professional, friendly, and interesting.

Utilize the Space

The thing that often holds some people back from becoming a LinkedIn expert is that they do not make use of the space in their profiles. What this means is – providing a bare minimum of descriptions, details, and expertise just will not do the trick for you. You have to get crafty and utilize the space as the platforms algorithm searches people based on their overall profile rather than just their headline and profile picture.

However, it is extremely important that you make use of the space sensibly. You can even get a little creative and add some videos that are relevant to your skills with some value added descriptions.

Bottom Line

Follow the above-mentioned tips correctly and there is nothing stopping you from becoming a LinkedIn expert. If you are finding trouble in finding someone to take professional headshot for your profile, get in touch with us, as our LinkedIn headshot photographer will take the perfect headshot.

Besides that, remember to stay active on your profile and make connections with people relevant to your skills and industry, it will increase your visibility and get you noticed.

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