Affordable Headshots NYC

Almost everybody in the professional world is on the lookout for a good LinkedIn portrait these days. However, not everybody is able to achieve the quality that they want. This is because most of them acquire the services of inexperienced photographers who do not provide reliable results. Also, most of the professional photographers these days charge quite a sizeable sum of money to shoot good headshots for LinkedIn. This leaves people in quite a predicament and they end up getting subpar photos for their LinkedIn account. If you happen to be someone who has a tight budget and looking to get a good LinkedIn portrait, this article will help you in finding the right solution.

Headshots NYC
Affordable Headshots NYC

Your Options

There is no shortage of options when it comes to affordable headshot solutions for your LinkedIn account or any other social media profile for that matter. However, there are two solutions which quite a lot of people rely on because of how affordable they are. These solutions are Selfies, friends, and Cheap Craigslist photographers

1. Selfies

Selfies are perhaps the most common tool that people rely upon. It is affordable and does not require anyone else’s help. All you need to do to get a decent selfie is have a serviceable camera and a background where you can take your picture.

2. Friends

What are friends for if they can’t help you get affordable and good headshots for LinkedIn? Once again, acquiring a friends help is far affordable than getting seasoned photography professionals. It also provides you more freedom with your headshot as you can try different variations when someone is helping.

3. Cheap Craigslist Photographers

You can also acquire a cheap photographer’s services on craigslist. There are plenty of them available on the platform and have decent experience in headshot photography. However, you really need to be careful when choosing one as quite a lot of them do not have any experience at all.

The Downside

Despite being quite affordable, all the options, mentioned above have a major downside, and that is – they are not reliable. Selfies are quite restricted and you have to be very particular about the angles. Small mistakes here and there could ruin your LinkedIn headshot in NYC. The same goes for friends – it is likely that your friend does not know anything about photography and is only there because you asked his or her help. This often leads to bad results. As far as the craigslist photographers go, sure, they can be quite cheap but most of them often provide unreliable results.

Your Best Option

Instead of choosing subpar options, it would be wise to choose a professional photographer who provides Pro Bono services. If you live in NYC, you can get in touch with us to get a good LinkedIn portrait. Our rates are easily affordable and our work is first rate. We offer convenient rates to the people of NYC because we work on massive commercial projects from high end clients. Rest assured, you will be in safe hands once we get on board to get you good headshots for LinkedIn.

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