Last minute Headshots? Need your Photos today? Let’s make it happen ASAP!


It’s not Procrastination, you’ve been duped by circumstances and pushed into delaying important for urgent! You’re not the only one!

 Last minute  to do’s are the norm nowadays. With so many  items on our work and home  TO DO  lists, it’s no wonder things fall behind and we only deal with last minute urgent things.

Don’t feel guilty or disappointed that you’ve left things hanging for so long.We’re all in the same boat!

We’re always pushed on urgent maters rather than important, so no wonder your Linkedin Headshots fell on the bottom of that list and been lingering for a while. Your new Business Headshots can wait, first you need to pay some bills, or be done with your report in a few hours! You’ve planned your Company Shots for so long but never got the time around it.
Self improvement is a very hard thing to work on and find time for. Many of us leave it  for too long or the last moment for very good reasons. Practical and psychological;
Here’s just a few and let me know how wrong am I in the comment section bellow or go right here.

  •      There’s Never enough time!
    As you know by now, there’s a million things to take care of and as if that wouldn’t be enough, there’s a million of very good entertaining distractions. You’re to do list gets bigger, things take longer than expected to solve and when you grind for an entire day, or week,  you need to freshen up with tome entertainment and a bit os social life
  • Urgent Matters are always in the way! Important less urgent always gets to the bottom of the list! 
    You know this one already
  • Too creative? science backs you up! Creative people tend to delay their to do lists
    There’s good reason for it. You just come up with a lot of good ideas and it’s very hard to do all and everything!
  • Others are more important than us!
    In many cases we leave ourselves behind to be there for someone else. Unconsciously we’re downplaying ourselves not worthy of attention or spending resources on ourselves 619 Roofing. Our Family memners are more important, we make sure our puppy follows through with the doctor’s prescription medicine, when we didn’t finish ours! It’s human nature, and the fact that you know about it should help you in the right direction.


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