Dress Code for Each Industry

So you finally got that big interview call up that you were impatiently waiting for. As the day comes closer, you are probably asking yourself “What should I be wearing?” If you are, then thank yourself immediately that you are at least mindful of what you wear. But being mindful is just half the game, you have to take action as well – and it’s never a wise idea to take action without some knowledge or information. First of all, know that your potential employer already knows based on your resume that you qualify for the job. However, making a good first impression is still vital. In fact, the first thing that the interviewer will notice once you make the walk through the door is your appearance and what you wear. Always remember to dress according to the occasion and industry to achieve success. Of course, not every interview will require you to wear formal clothing, which is why it is important that you know the proper dress code for each industry. The tips mentioned below discuss three of the most important dress codes. Following these tips will also answer the age old question of what to wear for “LinkedIn headshot in NYC?”

Business Casual

Business casual dressing is perfect for people who are giving an interview for a career based in trades, sales, or technology. Not every company requires you to wear a business professional outfit for interviews. The tech field in particular is quite lenient when it comes to dressing and welcomes business casual dressings.

The best thing about business casual attires is that it makes you feel comfortable while looking professional as well. It also allows you to play around with the colors. Men and women both can try out different combinations for their business causal outfit. You can also wear business casual clothing to get good headshots for LinkedIn.

Business Professional

Unlike business casual, business professional clothing can get quite uncomfortable at times. However, it makes you look like you are there for serious business. People in human resources, law, and finance firms are the most suited candidates to wear this kind of clothing. Matching pants and blazers make for an excellent business professional combination for women. For men, a well-tailored suit and formal shoes works out perfectly fine. Make sure that you do not wear any flashy jewelry with your clothing as it looks quite distracting and takes away from the professional look.


Start-ups and creative jobs often do not have any type of dress code. So generally, people in these kinds of fields wear whatever they want. However, this does not mean that you can wear your sweatpants and hoodie to work. Remember that you have to make a good impression in your interview – so make sure that the dress you wear looks respectable even if the field allows a casual dress code.

If you are not sure what you should be wearing, it would be best to ask the recruiter or check the company’s overall vibe. It will give you a clearer idea of the kind of casual you should wear.

Since you have a clearer picture of dressing for interviews in each industry and what to wear for LinkedIn headshot, you can go ahead and get an experienced photographer to take some good headshots for LinkedIn to give your profile the boost it needs.

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