Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional photographer?

1. Face Value — Having a photographer for your profile/business will reflect your high standards and professionalism

2. Time Management — The benefit of an experienced photographer is not just about taking the pictures, but also delivering the pictures to you. They’ll edit any inconsistencies/blemishes and get your photos to you in good condition.

3. Consistent Quality — In this age, the majority of photos are taken on cell phones — but no matter how many we take, there’ll always be noticeable flaws. A photographer’s equipment and experience will guarantee high quality photos across all platforms and devices.

4. Establish Identity — Creating a recognizable and staple image for your brand/person starts with high-quality visuals. 


What is “Basic editing?”

Basic editing consists of essential modifications that enhance your photo. This includes exposure/lighting adjustments, color correction and cropping.