Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect when you’re booking a session with us?


   Besides the  experience and professional courtesy , here’s a few more things you should know: 

1. How Long until I get my photos? — We work hard to try deliver your photos within 24 Hrs. Depending on how the day was, our photo editor might be slightly overwhelmed  in which case it might take a bit longer.You’ll be kept in the loop.

2. How Does Payment Work? — Your booking will be officially confirmed only when a $25 deposit fee will be paid online. The rest will be paid at the end of your session either  by a card charge or cash payment

3. What Should I wear?
 Even though we like to give advise (don’t we all?) it is a matter of taste and preference, and you are your best judge. If you really need guidance, we can make some general suggestions. 

4. How to I edit or change my Booking?
You can either cancel your appt (your deposit will be refunded) or we can reschedule at another convenient time for you. Just shoot us an email.

5. Can I bring a friend?
Yes! whatever makes you feel more comfortable and helps bring out the best in you. Some people don’t like having attendance oasis natural cleaning, some do.

6.  What is “Basic editing?”

Basic editing consists of essential modifications that enhance your photo. This includes exposure/lighting adjustments, color correction and cropping.